WIX Review

Wix is a handy website builder

The popularity of the well-known cloud platform Wix for creating websites can be explained by marketing campaigns with movie stars, other profitable advertising moves. But, above all, it is of course the high quality of the services offered in the field of creating websites. Thanks to the Wix service, more than 100 million professional-level web resources have already been created, and this is not the limit.

Wix is a super popular designer, which is best suited for creating various kinds of sites – complex from a design and functional point of view: a portfolio, a business site, a promotional page or a landing page. Very successful blogs are obtained – they are easy to do, convenient to keep. The eCommerce component is also well developed, especially with regard to applications and proprietary know-how like Wix Corvid. The main feature of Wix is the ability to quickly and easily create professional-looking websites without programming skills. In other words, any housewife or another person with no computer experience can create his project on the platform.

Wix review: what to expect?

Immediately after the opening of the site of the platform, an anticipation of quality appears, which is felt immediately here – in minimalism, elegance, optimization of the site structure, graphics, etc. It is evident that the developers are doing their job well.

The service is capable of inspiring with its appearance, helping to implement ideas that are quite complex from a technical and / or design point of view. Wix is a basic rich designer with extensive additional features for scaling the functionality in breadth and depth.

The overall features of Wix consist of: editor functionality, general settings, a control panel, installed third-party applications, and options that you can implement on your site yourself using the Wix Corvid tool.

It immediately becomes clear that if we are not the best site builder, then clearly one of the market leaders. There is something to look at. After a positive first impressions really do not want to be disappointed, digging deeper. Wix must also have drawbacks, because there is nothing perfect. Let’s look under the attractive wrapper and estimate the degree of justification of expectations.

Who Wix is best for

Wix website design impresses with its professionalism and style. Most often, the platform services are used by novice businessmen, owners of online stores, as well as freelancers engaged in creative activities. The functionality of web resources can be easily supplemented and expanded with existing applications from the Wix store.

By its structure, the Wix site can be compared to a house. The foundation and walls are provided to you initially, and you can do the finishing work and interior design yourself. At your disposal – beautiful templates, a large assortment of photos and graphics. Wix allows you to create a real work of art from your site!

Wix offers a variety of convenient and useful tools for the design of your project. You can decorate your texts with animation, and process images with photo filters.

Wix can be used both for creating the first site and as a commercial tool – developing complex and beautiful client sites. This is a good first designer and a good tool to help an experienced designer. The system is built in such a way that allows you to easily increase design capabilities. And even create your own, which is not in stock delivery. Wix is available for use by the average PC user.

Wix Tariff Plans

One of the advantages of the Wix platform is to provide users with a free plan. That is, you can create a beautiful website from scratch for free and use it without any time limits. However, most often over time you begin to realize that it would be nice to turn off the display of Wix ads, get your own domain name, buy some useful features. In this case, Wix offers to use one of the premium plans.

Overview of Plans

$ 0

Without your own domain name. Display ad Wix.              

$ 5

The ability to create a domain or connect an existing domain to the Wix site. Display ad Wix.

$ 13              

Disable Wix ads. Increase storage.

$ 17              

10 GB for information storage.

$ 23              

Increase storage, add-on package of additional functions, priority support, etc.


Great templates

Wix offers a huge number of excellent templates. Everything is divided into many topics, each of which contains a couple of dozen or even more samples of excellent quality. You can spend at least half an hour, just considering the range. Without end, click on “Preview” and doubt which one is better. Obviously bad, or at least not very successful among them. They are made differently, both in terms of structure and in terms of used graphic solutions, but they are all beautiful in their own way. Wix designers try not to disappoint users, which affects the quantity and quality of themes. It is difficult to remain indifferent, looking at the work done.

There is a separate category of templates for landing pages, which can not but rejoice. Sometimes it bothers to remake the menu and structure of standard templates to get a suitable one-page. There are also categories of templates for blogs and online stores, which is also very nice and convenient. In other words, the templates are grouped not only by subject, but also by type of site for which they are well suited. This is a clear advantage.

Adding animation effects

Wix is one of the few site developers that allows you to animate text and other elements. Wix allows you to put videos on the background of the site. It looks expectedly impressive. You can download any video for this from a PC or select it from the extensive library of the designer. Playback speed and effects are customizable.

You can apply the effect of parallax to the background, which will give it depth, some three-dimensional perception. The bottom line is that when scrolling through a page, the movement of distant objects slows down in relation to nearby objects. Looks great. In addition to the classical parallax effect, you can choose one of its three varieties: with magnification, expansion or manifestation. It looks bright and fresh. We do not recommend mixing all types of parallax on one page – it will spoil the picture, choose one thing. You can also customize the layers by moving one element below the other. You can turn on transparency, adjust dimensions, rotate, and more. All together it allows you to create interesting things with design.

You can choose the background for the site in the form of images (downloaded or stock from Wix), color or even video. By the way, the video can turn your site into a very vivid and memorable sight. Video clip for background can be downloaded any. You can activate the parallax effect to give the site a visual depth when scrolling due to the difference in the speed of movement of objects located at different distances.

App Market

App Market contains a huge number of widgets for all occasions. For example, with their help, you can add pop-up windows with any content (“wait, you forgot to get a discount” or “only today we have a sale”) or beautiful text animations. You can add your music for sale through Wix Music or online broadcasting of various TV channels. You can also set up newsletters, create discount cards, connect social networking widgets, publish surveys to collect customer information, trade subscriptions to digital goods, and much, much more.

All applications are sorted by category. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, the rest, as a rule, are the integration of third-party services. Approximately half of the applications are completely free, and the rest have both a free use option and a paid one with additional features.

The total number of applications is more than 150 items. There are interactive calendars with which customers can make an appointment, order services, etc. You can add flash-animations, banners, all sorts of graphics, presentations and much more. If you did not find the widget that is responsible for the implementation of the necessary opportunity, it means, most likely, you simply looked bad.

Wix Artificial Intelligence Design (ADI)

Wix also contains a unique functionality of its kind, the analogue of which currently has no competitors. It is primarily about Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) – a fundamentally easy to use site creation system based on information provided by the user. Instead of searching and choosing a template, setting up general site parameters and design edits, you just need to consistently answer a few questions of the system: what niche the business belongs to, what is the name, what functionality is needed (choice from the list), and the company’s geographical location.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a proprietary artificial intelligence for the automatic creation of sites based on basic information provided by the user. You answer in a questionnaire on a few questions and get a ready site. What data is needed? The niche of your business, the name of the company, the goals of the website being created, the desired color scheme and logo, general information (location, contacts, profiles in social networks). After a short survey, you expect about a minute, you get a site layout with information and a ready-made design.

After entering the data, Wix will think about it for a minute, scanning the Network in search of references to the client company, and then it will give the result. The algorithm automatically builds the design and structure of the site based on information received from you and from the Internet. Also in the process of analysis a significant role is played by the client base of Wix sites, because it helps the algorithm to determine what is suitable for use in this project. As a result, the user receives a site with a ready-made design of good quality and even partially filled with content, if the business is present on social networks or on other resources.

Of course, in terms of content, this will be a raw version. It is clear that it is impossible to use non-unique texts copied from other sources. Nevertheless, the structure and design of the site will be chosen well and without your participation. And individually selected demo content will help to better evaluate the result and understand what and how to fill in for the best display. Design, if desired, can be edited by means of the standard visual editor Wix. That is, you can work with a project from Wix ADI in the same way as with any other site in the system. This is an alternative to the traditional way to automatically generate sites.

Automatic data storage system

From time to time, Wix backs up your site. Therefore, if necessary, you can always return to the last saved point and restore your data.


Price policy

Despite the fact that Wix offers a sufficient choice of tariff plans, when compared with other platforms, the minimum bonus plans are more expensive. For example, with Wix, the Combo plan costs $ 13 per month, while with Weebly, the same package costs $ 8.

Cannot change pattern

By selecting the template you like initially and filling the site with information, you can later simply switch to another template without losing the information. The only thing you can do is change the design elements.


Wix is a great designer that skillfully masks the limitations caused by using the widget system and the visual editor with a huge range of features. The system took the path of increasing strength and versatility. The store on Wix looks great, the blog is excellent, the business card is excellent. The platform allows you to create even forums, which is a rarity for designers.

The disadvantages of Wix are minor. The main problem of the system is the existence of other strong competitors in the market. Wix is difficult to find an alternative in its class, but still possible. It all depends on personal taste and financial capabilities.

Wix is constantly updated with new templates and features. This is one of the most promising designers to date. You can hardly make a social network or a dating site, but any site of average size and complexity is easy. The result is very attractive, and is achieved relatively simply.

Wix and SEO

The optimization settings interface is very convenient, friendly. It is aimed at people who understand little in SEO matters. Under each item contains a short description of what kind of data it should be filled. It is difficult to get confused.

There is a special master available for each site through the item “Management” – “SEO-master.” Here after the publication of the site (this can be done immediately and for free) you can go through several steps that will help to position the project for search engines correctly.

Wix’s App Market: a set of useful widgets

Another area in which you can once again praise the developers is the app store with a large number of its own tools. Unlike other platforms, where third-party applications are used to a greater degree, Wix has developed more than 80 of its programs, which bring great benefit to site owners.

The optimal use of Wix

Using Wix, it is easy to create websites with a small number of pages, since the design of each page must be formed manually. Blogs, forums, storefronts and other dynamically expanding types of pages do not complicate the work on the site. The volume of only static pages like contacts, advantages, terms of cooperation, company histories, production, and other things affect.

The Wix application store contains a rich assortment of additional functionality (in fact, modules, if we take it by analogy with other systems). Several categories of useful applications (more than 250 items in total) will help to achieve practically any reasonable goal.

Ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality. This constructor can be simple, superficial, if needed: they took a ready-made template, replaced demo content, edited colors, got a website. With the same success, Wix can be used to construct a variety of complex pages with a bunch of details: animations, effects, forms for collecting and packaging information in databases, interactive elements, pop-up windows of authorizations at different stages of access to information, all sorts of polls, columns, etc.

Is Wix right for you?

So, feel free to use Wix if:

– you work in the field of advertising, fashion, service and hotel business, and you need professional ready-made sites with the appropriate design;

– you are a photographer who needs to create a stylish portfolio and show pictures;

– you are musician who wishes to sell his works on the Internet;

– you are small or medium business entrepreneur;

– you are artist, designer, makeup artist, stylist, offering their services in the network;

– you are writer, journalist, blogger, fashion designer.

Look for another option if:

– you need a larger resource or the largest online store (more than 30-40 pages);

– your main direction – to blog;

– you need to use large-scale e-mail newsletters without unnecessary financial investments.

Wix Alternatives

Wix feels easy compared to other designers with a visual editor. With its functionality in this class, it is difficult to incite – a wild number of integrations, applications, editor flexibility, quality of templates, corporate chips (Wix ADI, Corvid, Arena developer portal), etc. make the product a tough nut.

The weak point of Wix is the breadth of specialization. Not all types of sites in this editor format can be implemented in a big way. In terms of simplicity and cost, you can also find an alternative.

Weebly is a great alternative to Wix, as it is extremely intuitive and easy to use.


How to use a domain name that I already have?

In terms of working with Wix domains, there are no surprises in it. After registration you will receive a domain like username.wix.com/templatename for free. But to connect your own domain name you need to buy a premium rate. After logging in to your Wix account, you will see the Domains menu. Here you can simply enter the domain name you want to use. If you have already registered a domain name, you will be shown how you can transfer it or specify it in Wix.

Where does Wix host my project?

In addition to the main office in Israel (where the company was established 13 years ago), Wix has offices in 8 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, Ukraine, etc. Websites are hosted on servers in the USA.

Does Wix work well with SEO?

Yes, very good. In the site editor in the “Pages” category you can and should manually adjust the SEO parameters for each page: title, description, keywords, etc. It is also possible to hide individual pages from search engines, which is sometimes useful. What is remarkable, you can immediately see how your site will look in search results by clicking the “look in the search engine.”

In order to use the Wix platform, do I need my own web space?

No, Wix gives you everything you need to create a complete project. The package includes a convenient editor, web space, standard domain name. If necessary, the functions can be expanded and supplemented by moving to premium plans.

What are the guarantees that Wix will not take advantage of my content?

The terms of service of the service guarantee that Wix does not claim intellectual property rights to User Content. The same guarantees apply to the domain name that you buy on Wix.

Does the operating system and platform of my computer matter?

No, the main thing is that your browser is updated.

What is Wix Code (Corvid)?

This is a comprehensive platform for accelerated development of web applications and interaction with databases. It seems that with its help, the developers decided to dissolve the framework, which by default any WYSIWYG system has – a set of widgets, their configuration tools and the site structure. From now on, the user can create the functionality himself individually for his needs.

Why is my site not displayed on my smartphone?

Check your operating system and browser updates.